SKUA Studio makes people feel empowered by making bold and elegant shoes. With the use of classical shoemaking techniques, edgy, clear and sleek designs are created, without losing the element of comfort. The shoes have an elegance with a raw edge, due to the use of a unique mix of shapes and colors. Prototypes, costum pieces and collaborations are created in their own studio in Utrecht by Anousjka Röben and Naomi Hille - the founders of SKUA Studio themselves. Their collection models are produced in Alicante where they are made with local solid, reliable materials. The production remains original, local and small-scale. As artisan shoemakers, the duo attaches great importance to the process that goes into the making and desinging. SKUA Studio goes against the fashion seasons and drops a new shoemodel regularly to give every shoemodel the attention that it needs.

All their shoes are available in the sizes 35-46, they believe everyone should be able to wear heels if they feel like it.
Own your own!

Both Naomi and Anousjka were born in Utrecht the center of the Netherlands. They met during their time studying at the DHTA, where it clicked from the first moment they worked together. The choices in style and personalities caused them to collaborate, during, and after their studies. Naomi and Anousjka are both constantly looking for the limits of artisan shoemaking and fashion. They both have a hands-on mentality, and ask themselves tough questions that make them set their limits higher.

SKUA is transformed out of a very old Dutch word; skuo (500 A.D.). Naomi & Anousjka switched the ‘O’ into an ‘A’, turning the word from a masculine into a feminine noun. Being two dutch women, they instantly felt more connected to the name SKUA.  
They collaborated a few times and after a couple of successful runway fashionweek collections, they started their own label. The first small SKUA Studio tryout collection was shown at the Milan Fashionweek SS19 — leading to further showcases at Berlin-, Amsterdam- and Paris Fashion week (SS2019/2020).